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A Qualitative Study conducted for Camfed Fieldwork from

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TOPIC: Primary Research Into School Governance In Public Junior High Schools In Ghana from Gender Perspective.

Overall Purpose:

To understand gender dynamics within school governance structures in JHS in Ghana, and how these dynamics influence outcomes that are particularly relevant for female pupils in three areas: the mainstreaming of gender issues; promotion of gender-friendly school environments; and the retention of pupils in School.

Brief Background:

The girls’ education unit (GEU) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and CAMFES hired Participatory Development Associates to conduct a primary research into the school governance structure in Junior High Schools in Ghana from a gender perspective. The primary aim of the study is “to provide insights into the ways in which gender dynamics in school governance affect both gender mainstreaming of issues in schools and the retention of pupils’ (Camfed  and GEU TOR 2015: 1). This is part of Government of Ghana’s commitment to gender equity, initiated through the creation of a special unit in the Basic Education Unit of Ghana Education Service (GES) dedicated to the promotion of girl’s education in 1997.

Research Objectives:

The objectives of the study include:

  • To identify the extent to which the membership, participation and decision making processes of School Management Committees and other key school governance structures gendered.
  • To identify the extent by which gender dynamics within school structures affect mainstreaming of gender issues and the creation of gender-friendly schools in Junior High Schools.
  • To identify the extent to which gender dynamics within school governance structures affect retention in Junior High Schools.

Study Area:

  • 2 Regions ( Northern and Eastern)
  • 4 Districts ( 2 from each Region- Namely, Savelugu-Nanton, Karaga, Atiwa and Kwayebibirem)
  • 8 Schools ( 2 schools from the 4 Districts)

Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd. is a human development organisation of skilled people ...

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