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Kuapa Kokoo Tenancy Agreement Pilot Evaluation

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The Kuapa Kokoo labour rights project, funded by the Divine Producer Support and Development (PS&D) Programme, subsequently undertook extensive primary research into the nature and extent of labour use by KKFU members, which confirmed the high number of landowners—up to 70% in Western Region—employing tenants to manage their cocoa farmers through some form of crop-sharing agreement.  Focus group discussions with both landowners and tenants revealed the largely informal nature of these arrangements and concerns on both sides that rights and obligations were not adequately clear, risking personal disputes as well as failure to meet standards required by Kuapa membership.

A pilot to trial a written agreement between landowners and tenants was commenced in October 2015 with the following components:

  • Drafting and testing of the contract template with input from key internal Kuapa stakeholders, farmers and a legal adviser
  • Identification of 23 zones across all 5 cocoa regions to pilot the template
  • Selection and training of 3-member labour committees in each of the 23 zones to oversee contract administration and enforcement
  • Administration of the draft template with 5-6 volunteer landowner/tenant pairings in

each of the 23 zones, reaching 130 pairings in total


The purpose of the evaluation is to assess to what extent the introduction of a formal written contract between landowners and tenants has succeeded in reducing and managing the risks presented by these labour arrangements for both parties as well as for Kuapa Kokoo as a whole.   It should also draw out key learning from the pilot that will inform how the contract is rolled out to and managed with the wider KK community in 2017.  

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