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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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Client: British Council

Date: Feb / Mar 2004

Brief Description: Global School Partnerships Programme

Facilitation of two workshops for the southern and middle zones of Ghana to introduce the DFID Funded Global School Partnerships Programme to prospective participants.

Client: European Union

Date: Mar 2004

Co-moderation of two, one-day stakeholder consultation workshops in Kumasi and Accra to generate responses to the EU country strategy.

Client: Care International

Date: Mar 2004

Brief Description: National Worskshop on Bushfire Policy

Facilitated the third tier (1 day) of a three tier (5 days) National Workshop on Bushfire Policy, which brought participants from four pilot communities, Government departments and agencies, research institutions and NGOs (Care International & UDS) and policy makers together for policy dialogue.

Client: Ibis / Ghana Network for Participatory Development (gNETPAD)

Date: Jul 2004

Brief Description: World Cafe

One of the main facilitators in a World Cafe on: “The role of Civil Society Organisations in Election 2004”.

Client: Ghana Community Radio Network

Date: Aug 2004

Brief Description: Community Radio Stations

Worked with two community radio stations (members of GCRN) to develop their facilitation skills towards facilitating greater community participation in natural resource management”.

Client: Commonwealth Education Fund and Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC)

Date: Sep 2004

Facilitated a 3-day workshop on proposal and report writing processes for 20 regional representatives of the GNECC.

Client: CARE International Agric and Natural Resources (ANR) Programme

Date: Sep 2004

Facilitated a workshop for the CARE ANR programme on Constructive Organisational Relationships, and pathways to developing, managing and monitoring sustainable, mutually beneficial organisational relationships.

Client: Rural Media Network (RUMNET) and Ibis Ghana

Date: Nov 2004

Facilitated a three-day review of a strategic plan with RUMNET staff and key stakeholders at regional and community levels.

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