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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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Client: PDA-IDPM with University of East Anglia, UK

Date: Jul 2013

Brief Description: Introductory course  in impact  evaluation

PDA’s Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM), in collaboration with the University of East Anglia in the UK co-facilitates this 3-day introductory course in Impact Evaluation. The course is part of the IDPM’s Monitoring and Evaluation series which aims to support programme managers, desk officers and field staff from NGOs, funding agencies and national and international development organisations to explore effective ways to monitor and evaluate projects and the environments in which they work. The training is organised in Accra and uses participatory approaches to examine various perspectives of the following:

  • Introduction to impact evaluation (IE)
  • Theory-based IE: Theory of Change & understanding evaluation context
  • Introduction to IE Designs
  • Classic IE Cases – discussing their impact evaluation approach
  • An introduction to sampling and power calculation, data collection strategies & management
  • An introduction to systematic reviews & meta-analysis

Client: UNICEF / GOG

Date: April / May 2013

Facilitation of Regional Consultative and Feedback Workshops in all of Ghana’s 10 regions as part of a national child protection study process which comprised consultation workshops, qualitative and quantitative research in 2 districts per region and then post-fieldwork feedback workshops. The workshops, in which diverse stakeholders participated, took place immediately before and after the field work and provided both additional data for the final report and feedback and analysis by a variety of stakeholders.

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