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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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Client: World Bank / MOFA

Date: Sept 2012

Brief Description: Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) consultative workshops

PDA facilitated two 2-day workshops in Accra and Tamale for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the World Bank to consult CSOs in the Accra Plains and SADA Zone on the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP). The intent was to present the GCAP for assessment and generate feedback from CSOs, towards the shaping and implementation of the project and subsequently the Project Implementation Manual (PIM).

Client: PDA-IDPM with the Outcome Mapping Community

Date: 2012 - date

Brief Description: Introduction to outcome mapping

PDA co-facilitates this 3-day course in Accra through its Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM) together with guest facilitators from the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Participants come from other parts of Africa as well as Ghana. OM is a methodology for planning, assessing, monitoring and evaluating development programming that is oriented towards change and social transformation, providing a set of tools to design and gather information on the outcomes of change processes.

Client: DFID

Date: Jun 2012

Brief Description: FORESIGHT Migration And Global Environmental Change Project Workshop

PDA was responsible for planning and coordination, preparation of papers, facilitation and write-up of the ‘Foresight DFID Ghana Migration and Global Environmental Change Workshop’. This workshop examined migration in development from various perspectives, focusing on the evidence base and implications in Ghana, particularly linked with climate and environmental change. Special emphasis was placed on the relevance of migration for sector-specific strategies and policy.

The workshop sought to inform policy dialogue and practical responses by bringing together a set of influential national and international experts, government officials and policy makers, civil society (including trades unions), academics and development practitioners.

Client: Ibis Ghana

Date: Apr 2012

Facilitation of a 2-day country strategy workshop involving all Ibis programme staff and partner organisations. The workshop included assessing the current and predicted social, economic and political landscape and collectively identifying priorities for the next programme period.

Client: Christian Aid / Ghana Trade and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC)

Date: Mar 2012

Facilitation of a two-day annual programme review workshop with Ghana Trade and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC) staff and partners and Christian Aid programme staff.

Client: STAR-Ghana

Date: 2012 / 2013

Brief Description: STAR-Ghana Annual and Thematic Conventions

A PDA staff member was the lead facilitator for two of the conventions of STAR-Ghana, which was a multi-donor pooled funding mechanism (DFID, DANIDA, EU, USAID) aiming to increase the influence of civil society and Parliament in the governance of public goods and services. The thematic conventions brought together approximately 200 grant partners and key stakeholders at each event to learn and share.

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