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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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Client: Mwananchi Ghana

Date: 2010 - 2013

Brief Description: Mwananchi Ghana Projects Learn and Share workshops

These residential, mostly 3-day, workshops took place over the course of the three-year Mwananchi Programme (see Project Management section for more details) and involved the staff of 11 partner civil society organisations as the main participants. PDA staff facilitated all the capacity building workshops for the programme which included the following topics:

  • participatory action research,
  • strategic planning using outcome mapping,
  • working in partnership with the media,
  • linking traditional authorities and the media,
  • working with parliament and
  • planning 5-minute videos (with a video maker) for dissemination of project lessons and continued advocacy purposes

Client: Fisheries Commission and NEPAD

Date: Aug 2010 - Feb 2011

Brief Description: Stakeholder Consultations - Ghana National Fisheries Development Programme

Facilitation of participatory stakeholder consultation workshops for the Fisheries Commission of Ghana for stakeholders in the fisheries sector.  A total of 10 workshops were organized for various stakeholders in the fisheries industry to draw inputs towards finalizing the current Republic of Ghana Fisheries and Aquaculture Policies and Development Plan for adoption, funding and implementation by the Government of Ghana.

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