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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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Client: Free Voice

Date: May 2007

Brief Description: Ghana Community Radio.

PDA facilitated a workshop which was organised by Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) for on-air community radios to review the findings of an inventory conducted by PDA on community radios in Ghana.

Client: PDA / IBIS

Date: Oct 2007

Brief Description: PDA Facilitator Development Series - an advanced programme for people with facilitation experience. PDA coordinated and co-facilitated this advanced facilitator formation programme developed by PDA and Ibis West Africa. The process involved a stakeholder consultation process, design, fund-raising, facilitation and documentation.

Client: Mars Inc.

Date: Dec 2007

Brief Description: Orientation Workshop

PDA facilitated a one-week orientation workshop for Partners of Mars Inc.. The workshop helped expose participants to the principles and values of Mars and the approached it will use in implementing its integrated development program in some selected cocoa communities in Wassa Amenfi West and Assin North Districts.

Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd. is a human development organisation of skilled people ...

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