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Facilitation and Moderation of Workshops

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About our Facilitation and Moderation Work

Using an external facilitator can both free programme organisers to concentrate on the content or participate in the process themselves, and provide a neutral outsider to guide a process to a conclusion or navigate contentious issues. Sometimes sector experts do not have the facilitation skills to facilitate a programme for themselves and they need someone to handle the process while they provide the specialist content.

PDA personnel use participatory methods of different kinds to help clients to run their programmes. We are well known for our lively, interactive and engaging way of working so that everyone is involved and can contribute. We can also run courses to teach others how to facilitate.

Many different types of organisations ask PDA to provide facilitators to help them organise events in order to take decisions, share lessons and collaborate: government, non-government and private sector, as well as collaborations of these.

We normally meet with clients to plan the programme together and are happy to either take full responsibility for the design and facilitation of the programme, or co-facilitate as desired. PDA can also provide workshop documentation services where reports or audio-visual records are required.


Client: Human Rights Watch (HWR)

Date: June 2015

On 11th June 2015, PDA facilitated a roundtable discussion on a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the eve of World Day Against Child Labor, June 12, regarding child work in Ghana's mining sector.

As international gold refiners who use gold from Ghana may be benefitting from hazardous child labor in unlicensed mines, HRW asked for refiners to take immediate steps to eliminate child labor in their supply chains in their report of 82 pages.

The roundtable discussion gathered stakeholders from government, public and private sectors, as well as NGOs to debate the findings and recommendations of the report as well as possible future actions to address child labour in the gold mining sector. For the full report, for which PDA had supported HRW in the data collection, please see under

Client: Government of Ghana/IFAD

Date: Feb 2015

PDA co-facilitated a national ‘sense making’ workshop as part of the impact evaluation of the Root and Tuber Improvement and Marketing Programme (RTIMP) which used the PIALA methodology (see Research, Evaluation and Assessment Past Work section for details). The national sense-making workshop engaged local and national programme stakeholders in the process of interpreting the evidence that emerged from 2 months of field research in 25 districts in 8 regions across the country.


Client: PDA-IDPM with University of East Anglia, UK

Date: Jul 2013

Brief Description: Introductory course  in impact  evaluation

PDA’s Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM), in collaboration with the University of East Anglia in the UK co-facilitates this 3-day introductory course in Impact Evaluation. The course is part of the IDPM’s Monitoring and Evaluation series which aims to support programme managers, desk officers and field staff from NGOs, funding agencies and national and international development organisations to explore effective ways to monitor and evaluate projects and the environments in which they work. The training is organised in Accra and uses participatory approaches to examine various perspectives of the following:

  • Introduction to impact evaluation (IE)
  • Theory-based IE: Theory of Change & understanding evaluation context
  • Introduction to IE Designs
  • Classic IE Cases – discussing their impact evaluation approach
  • An introduction to sampling and power calculation, data collection strategies & management
  • An introduction to systematic reviews & meta-analysis

Client: UNICEF / GOG

Date: April / May 2013

Facilitation of Regional Consultative and Feedback Workshops in all of Ghana’s 10 regions as part of a national child protection study process which comprised consultation workshops, qualitative and quantitative research in 2 districts per region and then post-fieldwork feedback workshops. The workshops, in which diverse stakeholders participated, took place immediately before and after the field work and provided both additional data for the final report and feedback and analysis by a variety of stakeholders.


Client: World Bank / MOFA

Date: Sept 2012

Brief Description: Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) consultative workshops

PDA facilitated two 2-day workshops in Accra and Tamale for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the World Bank to consult CSOs in the Accra Plains and SADA Zone on the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP). The intent was to present the GCAP for assessment and generate feedback from CSOs, towards the shaping and implementation of the project and subsequently the Project Implementation Manual (PIM).

Client: PDA-IDPM with the Outcome Mapping Community

Date: 2012 - date

Brief Description: Introduction to outcome mapping

PDA co-facilitates this 3-day course in Accra through its Institute for Development Practice and Management (IDPM) together with guest facilitators from the Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Participants come from other parts of Africa as well as Ghana. OM is a methodology for planning, assessing, monitoring and evaluating development programming that is oriented towards change and social transformation, providing a set of tools to design and gather information on the outcomes of change processes.

Client: DFID

Date: Jun 2012

Brief Description: FORESIGHT Migration And Global Environmental Change Project Workshop

PDA was responsible for planning and coordination, preparation of papers, facilitation and write-up of the ‘Foresight DFID Ghana Migration and Global Environmental Change Workshop’. This workshop examined migration in development from various perspectives, focusing on the evidence base and implications in Ghana, particularly linked with climate and environmental change. Special emphasis was placed on the relevance of migration for sector-specific strategies and policy.

The workshop sought to inform policy dialogue and practical responses by bringing together a set of influential national and international experts, government officials and policy makers, civil society (including trades unions), academics and development practitioners.

Client: Ibis Ghana

Date: Apr 2012

Facilitation of a 2-day country strategy workshop involving all Ibis programme staff and partner organisations. The workshop included assessing the current and predicted social, economic and political landscape and collectively identifying priorities for the next programme period.

Client: Christian Aid / Ghana Trade and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC)

Date: Mar 2012

Facilitation of a two-day annual programme review workshop with Ghana Trade and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC) staff and partners and Christian Aid programme staff.

Client: STAR-Ghana

Date: 2012 / 2013

Brief Description: STAR-Ghana Annual and Thematic Conventions

A PDA staff member was the lead facilitator for two of the conventions of STAR-Ghana, which was a multi-donor pooled funding mechanism (DFID, DANIDA, EU, USAID) aiming to increase the influence of civil society and Parliament in the governance of public goods and services. The thematic conventions brought together approximately 200 grant partners and key stakeholders at each event to learn and share.


Client: IUCN and WEDO

Date: Sept. 2011

Brief Description: “Road Map” for mainstreaming gender in REDD+ processes in Ghana

PDA co-facilitated a two-day workshop for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) who in collaboration with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) jointly organised a workshop for multiple stakeholders including women organisations, gender experts and policy level people working in forestry and environment on “Mainstreaming Gender Considerations in REDD+ process in Ghana. The outcome of these participatory stakeholder workshops formed the basis of a “Road Map” to support mainstreaming gender in REDD+ processes in Ghana.

Client: World Bank

Date: May 2011

Brief Description: Workshop on avoiding 'Enclave Investments'

PDA facilitated a World Bank/MoFA workshop on avoiding ‘Enclave’ Investments: Integrating small-holders into commercial agriculture in Ghana. The objective was to discuss the pros and cons of commercial agriculture in Ghana, including large scale farming, and assess whether socially inclusive models may provide some opportunity for increased and more sustainable investment in the sector. Based on a review of local experience with commercial farming as well as international experience, the workshop proposed some initial principles for potential incorporation into the design of a proposed World Bank-financed commercial agricultural project in Ghana, aimed at supporting scaled up investment through a socially inclusive model.


Client: Mwananchi Ghana

Date: 2010 - 2013

Brief Description: Mwananchi Ghana Projects Learn and Share workshops

These residential, mostly 3-day, workshops took place over the course of the three-year Mwananchi Programme (see Project Management section for more details) and involved the staff of 11 partner civil society organisations as the main participants. PDA staff facilitated all the capacity building workshops for the programme which included the following topics:

  • participatory action research,
  • strategic planning using outcome mapping,
  • working in partnership with the media,
  • linking traditional authorities and the media,
  • working with parliament and
  • planning 5-minute videos (with a video maker) for dissemination of project lessons and continued advocacy purposes

Client: Fisheries Commission and NEPAD

Date: Aug 2010 - Feb 2011

Brief Description: Stakeholder Consultations - Ghana National Fisheries Development Programme

Facilitation of participatory stakeholder consultation workshops for the Fisheries Commission of Ghana for stakeholders in the fisheries sector.  A total of 10 workshops were organized for various stakeholders in the fisheries industry to draw inputs towards finalizing the current Republic of Ghana Fisheries and Aquaculture Policies and Development Plan for adoption, funding and implementation by the Government of Ghana.


Client: Care International / KASA

Date: Jan 2009 - March 2010

Brief Description: Civil Society Consultative forum on natural resource and environment governance (NREG)

PDA co-facilitated the Civil Society Annual Natural Resource and Environment Parallel Review meeting and the second consultative forum for civil society organisations for KASA (the CSO component of the NREG programme). The Review meeting sought to synthesize and consolidate CSO perspectives on progress of NRE governance and service delivery issues in Ghana, as an alternative review and contribute to the Government-led annual NRE sector review processes. The consultative forum was for CSOs to share and build on past and current civil society experiences with advocacy and monitoring in NRE governance in Ghana; to provide an opportunity for CSOs in Ghana to discuss government priorities in natural resource and environment and also to share and discuss the Kasa programme.


Client: Action Aid International Ghana

Date: Feb 2008

Facilitation of a validation workshop to finalise a baseline survey report on Disaster Risk Reduction in Upper East Region.

Client: Ibis / Institute for Local Government Studies (ILGS)

Date: Jul - Nov 2008

PDA worked jointly with Ibis Organisation Capacity Building staff to design and facilitatea two-module 3-day residentialprogramme onFacilitation for key programme staff of ILGS and Ibis’ Public Participation in Local Governance Programme.

Client: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Date: Oct 2008

Brief Description: Ghana Consultation phase for the ODI and Partners Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) Programme: ‘Strengthening citizen demand for good governance through use of evidence-based approaches’.

PDA undertook individual interviews and coordinated a 2-day multi-stakeholder workshop with a wide range of stakeholders including national government organisations, bilateral and multilateral donors, and representatives from civil society organisations.


Client: Free Voice

Date: May 2007

Brief Description: Ghana Community Radio.

PDA facilitated a workshop which was organised by Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) for on-air community radios to review the findings of an inventory conducted by PDA on community radios in Ghana.

Client: PDA / IBIS

Date: Oct 2007

Brief Description: PDA Facilitator Development Series - an advanced programme for people with facilitation experience. PDA coordinated and co-facilitated this advanced facilitator formation programme developed by PDA and Ibis West Africa. The process involved a stakeholder consultation process, design, fund-raising, facilitation and documentation.

Client: Mars Inc.

Date: Dec 2007

Brief Description: Orientation Workshop

PDA facilitated a one-week orientation workshop for Partners of Mars Inc.. The workshop helped expose participants to the principles and values of Mars and the approached it will use in implementing its integrated development program in some selected cocoa communities in Wassa Amenfi West and Assin North Districts.


Client: Right to Play

Date: 2006

Facilitation of the strategic planning process of the West and Central Africa teams (7 countries) of Right to Play.

Client: Rights and Voice Initiative

Date: Jul 2006 & Jul 2007

Lead Facilitator of the Annual Learning Festivals of RAVI which brought together over 200 participants from civil society and government organisations in Ghana.


Client: ODI UK

Date: Mar 2005

Brief Description: Workshop on the use of evidence to influence policy

Coordinated a regional (West Africa) workshop and national seminar in Ghana. The workshop brought together participants from civil society organisations in Ghana and Nigeria to introduce the ODI ‘Civil Society Partnership Programme’ and to investigate how civil society uses evidence to influence policy.

Client: The Rights and Voice Initiative (RAVI)

Date: Jul 2005

Facilitated a 5-day introductory workshop for newly selected grant partners on rights based approaches, power, and citizen government engagement processes.

Client: CARE Gulf of Guinea

Date: Sep 2005

Co-facilitated (with CARE staff member) a 5-day course for 25 CARE staff and partners on Facilitating Processes for Community Empowerment as part of the CARE Agricultural and Natural Resources programme.


Client: British Council

Date: Feb / Mar 2004

Brief Description: Global School Partnerships Programme

Facilitation of two workshops for the southern and middle zones of Ghana to introduce the DFID Funded Global School Partnerships Programme to prospective participants.

Client: European Union

Date: Mar 2004

Co-moderation of two, one-day stakeholder consultation workshops in Kumasi and Accra to generate responses to the EU country strategy.

Client: Care International

Date: Mar 2004

Brief Description: National Worskshop on Bushfire Policy

Facilitated the third tier (1 day) of a three tier (5 days) National Workshop on Bushfire Policy, which brought participants from four pilot communities, Government departments and agencies, research institutions and NGOs (Care International & UDS) and policy makers together for policy dialogue.

Client: Ibis / Ghana Network for Participatory Development (gNETPAD)

Date: Jul 2004

Brief Description: World Cafe

One of the main facilitators in a World Cafe on: “The role of Civil Society Organisations in Election 2004”.

Client: Ghana Community Radio Network

Date: Aug 2004

Brief Description: Community Radio Stations

Worked with two community radio stations (members of GCRN) to develop their facilitation skills towards facilitating greater community participation in natural resource management”.

Client: Commonwealth Education Fund and Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC)

Date: Sep 2004

Facilitated a 3-day workshop on proposal and report writing processes for 20 regional representatives of the GNECC.

Client: CARE International Agric and Natural Resources (ANR) Programme

Date: Sep 2004

Facilitated a workshop for the CARE ANR programme on Constructive Organisational Relationships, and pathways to developing, managing and monitoring sustainable, mutually beneficial organisational relationships.

Client: Rural Media Network (RUMNET) and Ibis Ghana

Date: Nov 2004

Facilitated a three-day review of a strategic plan with RUMNET staff and key stakeholders at regional and community levels.


Client: CARE International

Date: Mar 2003

Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop for the CARE Agricultural and Natural Resources Programme.

Client: DFID / Ghana Aids Commission

Date: Mar 2003

Moderation of a retreat for national level stakeholders involved in the HIV/AIDS District Response Initiative.

Client: CARE International

Date: May 2003

Moderation of a Design and Partnership workshop for the Western and Ashanti Region STI / HIV / AIDS Project.

Client: Ghana Community Broadcast Network

Date: Aug 2003

Anglophone West Africa Sub-Regional conference on identifying strategies to win recognition from governments in the sub region of the importance of community radio and the need to provide the enabling legislative and regulatory framework for it to operate efficiently as the third sector of radio.


Client: VSO

Date: 2002

Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop with the staff of the Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education.

Client: British Council

Date: Feb 2002

Facilitation of a programme review workshop for participants in the School Linking Programme in Ghana.

Client: Danida Health Sector Support Office (HSSO)

Date: Jun 2002

Facilitation of an inter-ministerial workshop for the development of a multi-sectoral strategy for the provision of comprehensive, sustainable and integrated services to the people living on the islands of the Volta Lake.

Client: CARE International

Date: Jun 2002

Facilitation of CBO Capacity Assessment Methodology Design for Wenchi District Stakeholders.

Client: AIDS ALERT & Ghana AIDS Commission

Date: Oct 2002

Facilitation of a workshop on: 'De-stigmatising HIV/AIDS - Towards the Creation of an Enabling Society for People Living with HIV/AIDS'.


Client: MOH/DFID/Save the Children UK

Date: Apr 2001

Facilitation of a national stakeholders' workshop on participation and financing of civil society organizations in health.

Client: Min. Econ Planning and Regional Cooperation/GTZ

Date: Dec 2001

Facilitation of a workshop to develop a proposal for the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation of the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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