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We will proactively seek opportunities and partnerships to influence and make a contribution to the following specific areas, which we regard as critical to Ghana’s continued healthy development:

  • Community-driven involvement in development – in particular urban sanitation and waste management, and cocoa certification
  • Youth empowerment – in particular take steps to provide and advocate for decent employment for young people
  • Promoting an empowering and experiential form of education throughout our educational system as well as within our homes and organisations
  • Promoting child rights and healthy family life – giving particular attention to the voice of children, reducing child neglect and abuse and upholding the family as the bedrock of society.
  • Nurturing political stability by promoting the facilitative leadership needed to practice good governance and make accountability a practical reality in the lives of all citizens.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the poor and vulnerable in Ghana to adapt to climate change

In all our work, we will seek to use innovative information and communication tools and methods that empower marginalised citizens.

We will also seek to integrate action on gender, migration and northern development into our programmes.

Download PDA’s Strategic Framework 2011 – 2016

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