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The Community-Driven Development (CDD) Unit handles the design, implementation and management of community-led projects and programmes both within PDA and on behalf of partners. The CDD Unit views communities as subjects of change and development partners in their own right, rather than as mere receivers of public and private goods and services or objects of charity. For this reason the CDD Unit places premium on the role that communities and their institutions, organisations and stakeholders play in decisions about the economic and social development processes that directly affect the well-being of their members.
The work of the CDD Unit is interrelated to all the other units of PDA. In our quest to facilitate the development of communities we undertake participatory research, train district partners and community leaders in leadership and evidence-based advocacy skills and link them to district or national institutions. Where necessary, in partnership with like-minded organisations, especially those based at the districts, we undertake direct advocacy in the areas of local governance and accountability.

Participatory Development Associates (PDA) Ltd. is a human development organisation of skilled people ...

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