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Abu Ramadan Spots 84 Districts Omitted In EC’s NHIS List

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Former National Youth Organiser of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Abu Ramadan, says his legal team has discovered some eighty-four districts which did not record a single National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) registrant.

This, he described as problematic and constitutes some of the reservations captured in their petition before the Supreme Court.

“What will the EC audit since we have raised issues with almost about 84 districts that were missing from the EC’s list,” he said.

The former PNC youth leader disclosed this in an interview with Joy News’ Favour Nunoo over the ongoing legal battle regarding the national electoral roll.

The Electoral Commission (EC) submitted a list of NHIS carders to the Supreme Court last week following its earlier order for the list of NHIS registrants in the country to be submitted to it alongside ways of deleting the register of undesirable names namely ghost names, minors, and NHIS carders.

The EC’s list did not sit well with a lawyer for the plaintiffs, Frank Davies who charged the list was “spurious and conjured and, in the very least modest language, fictitious.”

The superior court ordered the Frank Davies to furnish it with its objections regarding the EC’s list.

Speaking ahead of the court’s sitting Tuesday, July 05, 2016, Mr Ramadan said he is hoping the court will see the superior arguments they have raised and adjourn the sitting to a later date.

“We are hoping that our application we filed would be heard,” he said, noting, he is optimistic the “Court will give us the opportunity to speak to it and raise the issues for the court to consider in giving the ruling.”

The issues they raised, according to him “Are factual and the points we raised are issues the court will have to take its time to consider it.”


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