Sunday, 21 April 2019


Carter Center initiates gender project

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The Carter Center, with its West African Partner Organisations, religious and traditional actors, has initiated a project to address discriminatory practices against women and girls.

The Carter Center, therefore, has embarked on a media campaign dubbed, “Mobilising Faith for Women and Girls in West Africa”, to ensure the success of the project, which would be implemented in Tamale and Accra.

Mr Eric Mensah-Ayettey, a Senior Communications Manager of Stratcomm Africa, who spoke at the meeting with journalists in Tamale to discuss modalities to kick-start the campaign, urged journalists to shed more light on discriminatory practices against women and girls for authorities to address.

The meeting was organised by Stratcomm Africa, on behalf of the Carter Center.

Participants identified some of the discriminatory practices against women and girls in the area of inheritance, and gave the assurance of their commitment to work to ensure equality for all.


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