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Congratulations Chris

  Chris Empson Yebaoh is an accomplished and versatile professional with a strong academic background and work experience in various facets of accounting, finance, and administration. With a certification as a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG), a Master Of Business Administration (Finance-Final year), and a bachelor’s degree…

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Citizen’s Bureau: PDA Joins Stakeholder Group of CSOs to Strengthen Parliamentary Democracy

Over the past three decades, Ghana’s Parliament, in partnership with civil society organizations (CSOs) and development partners, has sought to bridge the gap between citizens and their elected representatives. These efforts have been aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in parliamentary processes, as well as the institutionalization of mechanisms to promote the Open…

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“WE CAN WORK”: PDA’s Drive For Inclusive Development For Youth With Disabilities

We Can Work (WCW) is an 8-year signature intervention spearheaded by Light for the World in collaboration with partner organizations including the Africa Disability Forum (ADF), Crosswise Works (CWW) and country-level disability federations. This transformative program specifically targets youth with disabilities across 7 countries in East and West Africa: Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia,…

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Tony’s Chocolonely & PDA: Advancing Ethical Cocoa Production Through Data-driven Child Labour Remediation

Tony’s Chocolonely (Tony’s), a Dutch social enterprise, was founded in response to the distressing reality of child labor and modern slavery in cocoa plantations in West Africa. Tony’s unwavering commitment is to ensure that every chocolate bar is 100% slave-free. As a wholesaler, Tony’s focuses on importing, exporting, and selling chocolate products and raw materials,…

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CASA-TAF & PDA: Increasing Rural Income Generation Opportunities Through Aggregators

Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) is a multi-year programme focused on increasing the economic opportunities for smallholder farmers as well as the commercial viability of agribusinesses. TechnoServe is managing the CASA through the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) to provide grants and technical assistance to agribusinesses implementing projects under the CASA initiative. The Inclusive…

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PDA Supports Mastercard Foundation To Monitor Programme Impact In Ghana

From 2022 to 2024, PDA’s team of evaluators and data analysts provided technical support to the Mastercard Foundation in the implementation of the Young Africa Works programme in Ghana, an initiative that is focused on providing economic opportunities and well-being for young people in Ghana and Africa. Several activities have been completed under this project,…

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PDA’s Financial Inclusion Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa

PDA has a proven track record of partnering with communities and other development organizations to implement large-scale development interventions in promoting ethical and transparent commodity supply chains and communities over the last 21 years. The team is made up of experienced community facilitators, child labor and protection experts, field trainers, evaluators, and associates with several…

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