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Participatory Development Associates Collaborating Against Child Abuse In Ghana

Children in Ghana still experience frequent and multiple forms of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. The 2013 UNICEF Child Protection baseline research report indicates that when children were asked about their experiences of physical discipline, over 57% of respondents (aged 14-17 years) said they were beaten at home “all the time” or “sometimes”, while 34% …

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Concept Note for 6th Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Child Protection

Introduction Participatory Development Associates, in conjunction with the Department of Children under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, will hold the 6th edition of its annual Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Child Protection. Since 2017, these workshops have provided a platform for convening key actors in the Ghanaian child protection space to discuss issues…

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PDA Child Abuse Tracker

The PDA child abuse tracker continues to record cases of child abuse in Ghana. In 2021, the platform recorded over 80 child abuse cases reported in predominantly-online publications of selected media outlets. The specifics of the reports from Quarter 2, Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 of 2021 can be found here, along with accompanying infographics which can…

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Nyonkopa Child Labour Remediation VSLA

The Nyonkopa Child Labor Remediation Project is a 2-year contractual engagement between Barry-Callebaut (Parent Company of Nyonkopa Cocoa) and Participatory Development Associates as the service provider. The entire remediation intervention was built on PDA’s participatory Child Labor Remediation Module developed through years of implementing child labor remediation in the cocoa sector in multiple countries including…

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VSLA-CHILD (Ivory Coast)

The VSLA-CHILD project in Ivory Coast is also a child labour remediation initiative with the same methodology as the VSLA-CHILD project which is being implemented in Ghana. Under the Ivory Coast Project, 25 groups are expected to be formed. Existing cocoa farmer cooperatives are the main target for the formation of the VSLA groups. Initial…

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VSLA-GALS (Cameroon)

Participatory Development Associates (PDA), in partnership with Beyond Beans and SOCAM 5C, are implementing the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) and Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) [VSLA-GALS] project in 7 selected cocoa growing communities in Cameroon. The seven project communities are Mbele, Ekekom, Bilon, Ekoumdouma, Nkole Ekui, Minkama, Endama. The VSLA-GALS project aims to…

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